The old Gasthaus Reichhalter become the new 1477 Reichhalter Eat & Sleep.
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1477 Reichhalter

A house.
Its history.
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1477 Reichhalter

Old bookshelf in the new 1477 Reichhalter Eat & Sleep.


How are you?
1477 Reichhalter
loves the essential things.
The sky, the hotel,
the neighbours.
Just like yesterday, to this day.
Consciously and genuinely.
Your pace. Reflection.
Think like this.


The house has been breathing.
For over half a century.
Back then it was
a butcher's, a mill, a bakery,
a sawmill, a barn, a stable,
a tavern, a coffee house.
Keep memories alive like this.

The facade from the Reichhalter house in South Tyrol.
Jasmine Deporta - Photographer


Jasmine Deporta misplaces,
displaces, enchants, confuses.
The photographer interprets life and stories of the house with her 35mm film camera.
Fragments of yesterday today.
Be amazed like this.


Good design for a good house emphasizes its allure.
Interior designer Christina von Berg
has an eye for it.
Create like this

Decoration at the Reichhalter from Interior designer Christina von Berg.
Renovated facade from architect Zeno Bambi.


Well-thought-out and renovated with care by architect Zeno Bampi.
Calm and minimal.
Build like this

Susanne Kaufmann

This vegan cosmetics line is inspired by mountains and nature.
An intensive treat for your skin manufactured in the Bregenzer Forest.
Rejuvenate like this.

Vegan cosmetics line from Susanne Kaufmann in every room.
View at the pedestrian area of Lana - South Tyrol.


A garden, a pedestrian area, a view up to Braunsberg Castle.
Nature and culture within reach.
Embedded like this.

For over half a century: this house has breathed mild and bitter winds, soaked up sun rays, shielded from rain and snow, and accumulated people's stories in the shadow of the clouds. Enduring and timeless in the centre of Lana. From spring 2018 Klaus Dissertori and family, together with Martina and Andreas Heinisch and team, are there for you: relax and enjoy in the café and restaurant on the ground floor, rest and switch off in one of the 8 rooms on the upper floors. Clear and reliable. Just here.