Flowers in a vase on a chair.
Photographer Jasmine Deporta at the Boutique Hotel Reichhalter.
Important information on 2021 season
1477 Reichhalter

A house.
Its history.
Our newsletter.

Welcome, do come in!
Lost in thought in the blink of an eye.
Are you curious yet?

A house with history

So simple to explain is Reichhalter 1477 in Lana.
You turn up, we tell you stories.
Hear the brook flow, clink your fork, dance in your room.
We set the small wooden table, we pull the dough.
Bench with cushions at the Boutique Hotel Reichhalter in Lana.
The house has been breathing.
For over half a century.
In and out.
With you.
Live like this.  

We think of you

Things change, things pass.
Please find here all information ragarding this season 2021.

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"The Reichhalter is a bit of a course correction for the hospitality industry in general a s it's targeting an audience who 'get it'as much as the owners and their collaborators do"
Tyler Brûlè

Editor's letter, Monocle Magazine


How are you?
Klaus, Martina and Andreas love the essential things.
The sky, the hotel, the neighbours.
Just like yesterday, to this day.
Consciously and genuinely.
Your pace. Reflection.
Think like this.

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Jasmine Deporta at the Boutique Hotel Reichhalter in Lana.


A clear sky, 
a clear dream, 
a clear allure.
Chill without frills.
Breathe like this.
Rest like this.

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Honest, simple and genuine.
Home-made as it was then, 
in the butcher's,
in the mill,
in the bakery.
Enjoy like this.

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Typical South Tyrolean Bread at the 1477 Reichhalter.
Flowers in front of a door at the 1477 Reichhalter.


Your eyes are enjoying the view.
Your ears are enjoying the quiet.
Your nose is enjoying the aromas.
Your senses are on holiday.
Surrounded by nature.
Be alive like this.

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A curtsy, a bow,
a jump into cool water.
Om and aah and mmm.
Relaxation, enlightenment, exquisiteness.
Feel perfectly at ease like this.

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Bed at the 1477 Reichhalter Eat & Sleep in Lana - South Tyrol.
Newspaper on a chair and shoes on the floor.



We have nothing against
analogue or digital headlines.
In fact, we like them!
It happened like this.

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